Assessment Tools

One of the primary lines of research in the lab is focused on improving assessment of concussion and TBI through:

a) The improved assessment of performance validity.

b) The development of new measures, particularly in the realm of cognitive-affective functions, although not exclusively.

c) In the improvement of existing measures and metrics.

Cognitive Affective Verbal Learning Test (C-AVLT)

The C-AVLT is an integrated memory measure for neutral and affectively valenced words, and is a reliable and clinically useful measure of both memory and affective-processing bias.

Emotion Word Fluency Test (EWFT)

The EWFT is a measure of emotion word generation ability and may prove to be useful in the assessment of affective language production in patient populations.

Brief Estimation of Seconds Test (BEST)

Research has documented the (often unique) patterns of time dysperception across neuro-psychiatric disorders and injuries. As a fundamental unit of cognition, time dysperception likely contributes to the neurocognitive dysfunction found within these populations. The Brief Estimate of Seconds Test (BEST; Considine, Korcsog, & Abeare, 2022) was constructed to assess this important component of human cognition.